Trunk or Treat 2023
Sponsorship Application
Dress in costume, decorate your car (or truck), and join the fun on “TRUNK OR TREAT”. Turn “Trunk or Treating” into your Halloween family tradition! Trunk or Treat provides a safe and fun way for families to enjoy Halloween! Children trick-or-treat for candy at festively decorated car trunks and truck beds. Please note there is no exclusivity. 

Registration: Car owners must complete the form below to participate. Only those who have properly registered their vehicles will be allowed to participate at the event.

Trunk Load In/Out:
Trunks may load in between 12 p.m.- 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 28th. The trunk load in area will closed at 2:30 p.m. NO  EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Trunks that arrive after 2:30 p.m. will be not be able to participate. 

Trunks will be provided with a designated trunk space location. Upon check-in, Trunks will be given their space  assignment. Trunks must set up in their designated space. 

For safety purposes, Trunks will not be permitted to drive out of the event site until 5:45p.m. or until the event site has  cleared. 

Registered vehicles will be sent additional event details two weeks prior to the event.

Equipment/Supplies: Trunks are required to provide their own setup/supplies/decorations. Only the space is provided. Electricity and water will not be supplied. Trunks that are using an electric generator or any other motor must soundproof that device so as to not be disruptive to the event or event patrons.

Candy Distribution: Candy must be store bought and sealed. Distribution of candy will be to children and teens only. No adults please. Trunk or Treat is a large community event, and your assistance is needed in controlling distribution to ensure we have candy for all children and teens in attendance estimated 1500 participants in attendance. Promotional items may be handed out to parents.

Trunk Operations/Guidelines:
Additional games and activities (e.g., spin wheel) are permitted.

Tents/Tables and other supplies are permitted within your designated trunk space(s). For questions or  approval, please contact the Event Coordinator. Any unapproved items will be required to be taken down. 

Trunks must be staffed, operational and ready for inspection by 2:30 p.m.

Trunks must have personnel present and at their Trunk at all times during the official operating hours of the event: 3pm-5pm

Distribution of marketing materials must be kept to a minimum. Promotional items are allowed to Parents.

I, as the authorized agent for the above named organization, agree to hold Synergy Plaza and Sponsors harmless for theft of, damage to, loss or destruction of merchandise, materials, equipment or personal property which I may have on the grounds of the event site. I understand that Synergy Plaza and sponsors will not be held responsible for sales, weather, or other unforeseen revenue losses and does not guarantee revenues or numbers of festival patrons. I also understand Synergy Plaza and sponsors does not guarantee vendor exclusivity and may have multiple vendors who provide a similar product/service. I understand that vendor preference will be given to vendors who sponsor.

I understand that in clicking holds me responsible for the information included in the Trunk Information and Application.
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